Washoe Lake

Second time VC100 best condition winners,
Peg Murphy-Hackley and KhemChee

Photo: Mikayla Py

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Tahoe Rim Ride 50
July 30, 2022

This is the 10th anniversary of the Tahoe Rim Ride.

It's here!!

Congratulations to all who are on the ride entry list for July 30, 2022. We had 55 rig entries for the 18 rig spots and have an extensive wait list. So for those that are on the wait list hang in there. A lot happens throughout the year. We almost ran through our entire wait list for 2021, so it could still happen.

The 2022 NASTR Tahoe Rim ride Entry List:

  1. Diane Stevens/John Stevens/TBD
  2. Cynthia LeDoux-Bloom/TBD
  3. Donna Biteman/TDB
  4. Lucy Trumbull/Annette Phillips/Darlene LeVan
  5. Erin McChesney/Eric Northy/Dannan Stamper
  6. Heather Reynolds/Jeremy Reynolds/TBD
  7. Darlene Merlich/Sarah Hocket/Kyle Hocket/TBD
  8. Janet Worts/Holly Bertram
  9. Alyssa Stalley Gonzalez/Pam Stalley/Jennifer Stalley
  10. Suzanne Huff/TBD
  11. Kristine Hartman/Pam Bailie
  12. Kathie Perry/Teri Miller
  13. Samantha Ellis/Mollie Quiroz
  14. Michelle Mullins/Danielle Morgan
  15. Christine Crum/Frank Crum/TBD
  16. Katie Beloberk/Tierney Beloberk/Jax Beloberk
  17. Ruth Anne Everett/TBD
  18. Louise Smith-Egstrom/TBD

Please send me your shirt size via email to Kim Mileo We will have special 10th anniversary shirts for completion awards.

We will also be cashing checks after January 1, 2022. Please let me know if that is a problem. If I don’t hear from you your check will be cashed. If you have a TBD for your additional riders please get those to me with completed ride entry as soon as you can so I can complete my paper work. There will be much more to come via your emails. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!

Wait List (First Seven Only) – We will update as needed:

  1. Shao-Lan Lew/Claudia Harbour
  2. Eve Blumenfeld
  3. Kayti Curtis
  4. Layne Lewis
  5. Berit Meyer
  6. Jerry Zebrack
  7. Holly Smith/Teru Langsdale

Past Club News

Past club news can be found under our NASTR Historical Archives, together with the Virginia City 50th Anniversary web page.